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What is the Cryoprobe?

It is a nitrous oxide crystal spray. The overlapping layers of crystal help the podiatrist control the depth of the treatment. This process prevents burning healthy deep tissue as opposed to liquid azote.

Adjustable to the circumference of the wart, the tip of the nozzle targets only the zone of the wart and spares surrounding healthy tissue. This reduces the discomfort of the treatment.

Freezing therapy

The Cryoprobe uses an ideal temperature of – 88°C (-127°F) to eliminate the wart as oppose to liquid azote that at 196°C (-321°F) is too cold and more painful.

Who can get the treatment

Everyone. But it is the favorite treatment of sportsmen, runners, and dancers. Some important trip? Some hockey or soccer match planned tomorrow? Cryoprobe will be the ideal treatment for you!

A unique technique

The cryotherapy Cryoprobe is used around the world. Due to his diverse continuing education in the U.S., Dr. Legault has brought back this expertise to Quebec to offer it to his patients. Many health professionals such as dermatologists, general practitioners, pediatricians, podiatrists and veterinaries use this amazing product.​

Other treatments will be offered to treat warts. The podiatrist will offer the one that is the best for you.

For more information, visit the Cryoprobe website(available only in English).


The temperature of the crystal is ideal to eliminate the wart without harming the surrounding tissue.


The adjustable tip allows the podiatrist to target the wart.


More efficient and less painful than liquid azote.

No recover time

You can return to your normal activities right away.


10302, Chambord street, suite 101
Montreal (Quebec) H2C 2R5


10302, Chambord street, suite 101
Montreal (Quebec) H2C 2R5